Benefits of our tool monitoring system

  • Extensive sensor palette for the most divergent measurement values and areas of application. Therefore even difficult monitoring tasks can be solved (e.g. miniature tools, multi-spindle drill heads, machining in hardened material, grinding with the smallest abrasive pencil, machines with many work stations, etc.)

  • Upgradable as unified system on all machine controls, independent of type and year of construction, whether with or without PC as a work station.

  • Universal Profibus interface, configurable for all machine controls that can transfer internal driving data to the Profibus

  • Particularly good monitoring strategy for the recognition of the smallest breakages with turning, drilling and cutting

  • Wear monitoring basically included in the system without extra charge

  • Very user-friendly pull down menus, graphic adjustment of the limit values and automatic envelope correction

  • Development, production, sale, installation and service all from one company

  • Service worldwide and quick on-the-spot support