Special features of our tool monitoring system

Special features of the sensor portfolio:

  • Acoustic emission sensor via a cooling lubricant jet from the tool or work piece (patented). Thus even the smallest tools can be monitored (e.g. drill bit with Ø=0,1mm!), even in multi-spindle drill heads. Very good acoustic sensoring also when grinding, turning, hobbing and forming (hammering) directly from work pieces or tools.

  • Acoustic emission measuring via rotating and wireless sensors RSA, RSA-2 and RSA-Ring for grinding-, workpiece- and dressing-spindles.

  • Acoustic emission sensing via wireless SEA-Wireless sensor for fitting to work piece locating fixtures in machining centres or to the capstan head in lathes.

  • Acoustic emission sensor via a spring steel element directly from work pieces (patented especially for revolving and transfer lines).

  • Airborne noise emission microphone LSM-Q or LSM-L in vicinity of tool. Also acts as impact sensor for jet barriers on a coolant lubricant or compressed air operation basis.

  • Force sensor BDA-Q and BDA-Kralle for rocking lever in multi-spindle automatic lathes with particularly easy installation via only one M5-screw (both patented).

  • Force measurement on each individual spindle via the measurement of the elastic support of the spindle (for multi-spindle drill heads).

  • Work piece length sensors BDA-Pilz and WLT for multi-spindle lathes and rotary cycle machines.

  • Three-phase effective power measurements: Particularly fast reaction and for the smallest tools.

  • Hydro distance sensor HDS for breakage control of all cutting tools via a cooling lubricant jet which functions as a tool cutter sensor.

  • Spark-Sensor SPS for turning tool control at heigh offset oscillations via the spark sensor.

  • Pyrosensor PYS for control of individual drill bits in multi-spindle drill heads, chipping temperature etc.

  • Dynamic pressure sensor SDS for breakage control via a cooling lubricant jet or air jet gate, also for miniature drill bits from Ø=0,1mm. Measurement distance of up to 2,5m in machining center. In comparison to the laser there is no need to wait for the cooling lubricant to run off and it is not affected by dirt.

  • Torque sensor EMS for single spindle and multi-spindle drill heads, as mounting part in the drive screw, in particular for the monitoring of tapping.

Special features of the Tool Monitors:

  • Graphic correction possibility for envelope limits in the area of recurrent, but localized rises in measurement values, in order to avoid repeated limit violations. Using the Nordmann touchscreen you can graphically correct the envelope with a pen (touch pen), i.e. it is drawn. A PC station screen is used to control corrections to the limit values via an arrow that can be moved on the envelope with the arrow buttons. The envelope can be formed like a rubber band separately for its upper and lower limit.

  • Automatic adjustment of the envelope limit to a recurrent measurement curve outlier, if the user acknowledges this as a false alarm with automatic limit correction.

  • Sliding envelope limit calculation for monitoring multi-spindle drill heads with regard to the effective power up to a certain number of drills.

  • Dynamic analysis:
    Monitoring the waviness of measurement curves in order to recognise individual missing teeth in the cutter and to monitor stepwise changes in power and performance (breakage when turning).

  • Mathematic measuring:
    Permits the addition or subtraction of measurement curves. The subtraction of two measurement curves according to their previous logarithmic results in the formation of a relationship, with which the changes in the direction of force can be monitored. The relationship formation is used to monitor internal driving values (feed and spindle values with regard to current, torque or effective power) and permits the monitoring of wear that is independent of the hardness of the material.

  • High amount of measurement chanels:
    The basic tool monitoring system SEM-Modul is capable of detecting 8 analog and 20 digital measurement chanels. It is extendable up to 16 analog chanels.

  • In process dimension control of work pieces and deflection control of tools and work pieces on an acoustic basis with resolution in the µ-field (patented).